03 Apr 2009 @ 6:17 PM 


Notice at the top of the sock along the panel. This panel has the improper edging.


At the top of this panel, the knit stitches are correctly placed. They do look more like hearts in this shot.

My Right Sock for Kai-mei is finished. Other than a straight stockinette sock, this is the fastest and easiest sock I have ever knit. True, I don’t have a lot of socks under my belt, but I love this pattern and truly enjoyed it. I hope to finish the next sock by tomorrow night. Here’s the scoop to date:

In the pattern, it’s written to have a row of knit stitches and a row of slip slip knit stitches next to it. Well, I’m a picker and my slip slip knits never look right so I always do a knit 2 together where it says slip slip knit. Therefore, my ssk along the panel doesn’t look right. I’m ok with that because I much prefer to knit as a picker than a thrower. However, I frogged the first panel when I noticed I didn’t like the lack of knit stitch at the top of the panel. If you look at the images above, you will notice the difference. There is also an issue with the way my last stitch on the needle stretches when I am knitting. I knit magic loop for my socks and this happens every time. It should even out somewhat (but not all the way) when I block.


Along the right side, you can see the direction the panel takes as you knit.

I adjusted the toes to fit me better but doing an extra K2tog on the right side of the sock two times so there is a steeper slant along my smaller toes. This is the first pair of socks I knit for myself and I am glad I did this because the fit is amazing!

In case you didn’t notice, I love this pattern! So fast and easy and this is well on my way to becoming my favorite pair of socks. I am casting on the left sock as soon as I am done here. Yes, these socks are knit specifically for right and left due to the lace panel running along the foot. I can’t wait to finish! Yipppeeeeee!

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 29 Feb 2008 @ 1:50 PM 

Before going to San Diego, I checked for some yarn shops around the area and I found one I liked. One thing they had that I hadn’t had any experience with Namaste bags. In fact, I hadn’t even seen one. God knows I don’t need any yarn (or do I?) so I did some research on these bags to see if it was something I would be interested in. It is. However, with the bags made of manmade material, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the feel or look of them. I love how they looked on the Namaste web site, however, so I was very excited to see them.

After getting the blister from hell on Sunday night, the cold shower on Monday morning, the painful walking around the deck of the USS Midway on Monday night, I was ready for something really good. On the way out of town, we attempted to get a geocache and drop off a travel bug that I have been carrying around since December 31. We looked for THIRTY MINUTES and couldn’t find the stinkin thing. My mood was twindling. You aren’t supposed to carry travel bugs around but for a few days and I have been trying to get rid of this one for weeks. No luck again. So we hop in the truck and ask Margot-Rhonda (our GPS) where The Grove was and headed on our way. We found it and went in.

Such a nice store! Oh it was beautiful. The emphasis at this store was knitting and crochet. I saw the bag I was looking for right away and went right to it. I was very surprised at how soft and leathery the material felt. Not to mention the color! I was hoping to see the Jetsetter but they were sold out. As a matter of fact, she said she had a lot of trouble keeping any of them in stock. They had a Malibu, Laguna, Everyday, and something else I think in a couple of colors, but that was it. She said she had to reorder several times already and they were only out for a short time. Well I was in love with the Laguna at first sight. The idea behind these bags is to have a combination bag for purse and knitting. GENIUS! So I bought my beautiful Laguna in lime and checked out. I didn’t dare look at yarn! So we were chatting (me and the lovely lady who worked there). She said I should look at the clutch! “OMG, David give me your card again please!” He did and I have both. David told the lady that “You can only be as happy as the least happy person in the car.” Given our experiences over the few days in San Diego, he opted to buy me the bags. Isn’t he awesome!

The Clutch opens wide and holds needle individually in the inside section. The sides are held together with strong magnets. Both sides of the Clutch open with snaps that you can see at the top and have pockets for storing trinkets and knick knacks that you need for your project. Lucky for me, the Clutch fits right inside the Laguna. I am sooooooo happy!

Without any further ado, here are the photos:

Namaste Laguna Namaste Laguna
Namaste Clutch Namaste Clutch
Namaste Clutch Namaste Clutch

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 24 Sep 2007 @ 8:25 PM 

I get my roving and fiber from many different places and I have a HUGE stash of fiber for spinning. I am afraid to use it because it is all so pretty (thanks Boogie) so I don`t want to ruin it like I have been. However, the most success I have had is with Merino and from this reseller on Ebay. I just bought some more from her and I am thrilled to death! The reason I am posting this here, is because the roving was so incredibly easy to use. It is practically already pre-drafted and it is sent to me in a center pull ball. It allows me to spin effortlessly and without worrying about drafting and joining. For a beginner like me, that`s priceless. This roving I got today in the mail is a 1 pound ball and it`s merino. It was $20. Awesome! I can`t wait to spin it. The orange yarn pictured is the previous ball I bought (1 ounce). The green (my favorite color that my SIL hates) arrived today. This orange and this green are all my favorites completely.

Lemon-lime merino

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