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KumihimoKumihimoI have a new craft.  Thanks to the blog Seabreeze Spinners, she started to post information about it and started posting her braids.  Then, I put a book on my Amazon Wish List and my sister bought me that book for Christmas.  It was awesome!  It’s so much fun and it’s so easy.  There is so much room for creativity and color and beauty and everything.  Here is the second braid that I made and a close up to show the colors.  This is a 16 strand round braid which is the easiest braid to learn and very fast to finish.  My finishing needs some practice but I like how these look.  This one is a necklace, but I am working on another one that will be a strap for my reading glasses.  Here is a picture of the disk with that braid on it working.



Ok so I have also done a little spinning on my Dulce de Leche fiber which will be my Dollar and a Half sweater.  Here is how the fiber is looking as singles.

Dulce de Leche

I have one bobbin done and 5 more to go to get this done.

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  1. Lyle McNeal said...
    1:13 pm - March 2nd, 2009

    beautiful work. It almost makes me want to get my discs out.

  2. Zuleika said...
    9:16 am - March 3rd, 2009

    Oh my goodness a craft I haven’t tried yet!? *rushes to check ebay for braiding disk*

    Zuleikas last blog post..I’ve been doing stuff

  3. Daniele said...
    9:19 am - March 3rd, 2009

    Neat!! Also loving the singles. :)

    Danieles last blog post..New Babies and Baby Knitting….

  4. opal said...
    12:31 pm - March 13th, 2009

    your braids are lovely! i used to do a lot of kumihimo. in fact, i even have a marudai! a couple of my friends were just talking about taking a class together to refresh our memories last night. what a coincidence. :)

    opals last blog post..And she calls herself cranky?

  5. Ivette said...
    6:43 pm - June 28th, 2009

    Very beautiful. I want to ask you if you know to use kumihimo plate.
    I wish to know how to use it.
    Thank you for your cooperation.


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