22 May 2008 @ 8:34 PM 

Next….Mud Season


Spunky Club March selection is Merino called Mud Season.

Spunky Spunky

I have divided it up evenly into 3 batches of 70 grams each.  I get the double dip of the Spunky club so I got two four ounce balls.  I love the colors here.  This one ball has a big huge beautiful blue section.  There is nothing so blue in any of the other sections so this is why I thought I would three ply this batch.  It cried, three ply so the blue could be spread somewhat throughout the yarn.  I am very excited about this and have been addicted, once again, to spinning.

This fiber, Mud Season, is particularly appropriate for today.  Today, in May, we had a crapload of rain.  In California, we don’t get rain past April at the latest.  Today, we had rain by the bucketfull.  We also had thunder and lightning.  I had a dog and a cat in my lap practically for the afternoon.  We don’t get thunderstorms but maybe once a year on a good year.  Nothing loud.  Nothing to scare an old dog and an old cat.  So, Mud Season it is!  Thanks Amy! I will keep you all posted on my progress.

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  1. Nicole said...
    7:53 am - May 24th, 2008

    Hi Karen
    the colors of the fiber are amazing, I love the blue it remainds me of the ocean, not so much of rain ;-)

  2. Zuleika said...
    3:22 pm - May 24th, 2008

    I love that blue! It’s so vibrant!

    Zuleikas last blog post..Popeye da Saiyor Man

  3. Kyle Kunnecke said...
    11:24 am - June 13th, 2008

    man that’s beautiful!


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