20 Jan 2011 @ 11:18 AM 

I’m here! I’m here! I finally have something to write about! Everything has gone so crazy for such a long time. Now I feel like sharing what’s going on. I hope you are all still with me.

I have lost about 53 pounds since all this depression and pain management crap started but since I started therapy and prozac, that weight loss has leveled off. I have signed up for my work out group again for the entire year this year! Yes, that’s right! I committed to a year of working out. Whether I work out or not, it will cost me $105 per month so I better get working out, right? I took some photos of the group for my trainers last year in October and here are a couple just for your information. Trail AThis is a great class! If you live anywhere near Tustin, I highly recommend it. The class is called Rough Fit. I have two trainers, Greg and Jenni. They are helpful and friendly and they truly care about their classes and the people in them. In this class, they have started a weight loss challenge. I have joined. If I lose the highest percentage of body fat of all the people that joined, I win approximately $600. Nice, right? The class is a high calorie burner so it should be easy, right? The class gets us warmed up in the beginning for 20 minutes. Usually, people run and that’s the photo that is first. There is a trail around the park where we meet every day and we walk or run around that trail. AnyoneThe workout is always outside in the park and it’s just beautiful and you get fresh air and sunshine all the time (unless the weather doesn’t cooperate). The second portion of the class is core work. That includes balance and posture and abs. It seems like it’s easy but you get very sore it seems all the time. The third portion of the class is focused on whatever they have decided for the day. Yesterday was endurance. For example, we had a circuit we had to complete. We used a jump rope and followed cones. The first set of cones, we did reverse lunges until the second cone. The next set, we had to weave in and out of the cones while jumping rope. The third set, we had to hold the rope over our head, balancing on one foot and winding the rope over our head for the count of twenty. We switched feet and repeated. Then we jumped rope (I walked because of my back) up to a pre-determined location at the bottom of a hill at the park. There we did another balancing act thing with the rope and then we ran up the hill. Then we repeated the whole thing. I did this about 3 times total. It was very exhausting yesterday, I have to say.

At the beginning of the race.In addition to the regular class I am taking which is 3 times a week (but I can take it more if I want), I will be training for the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico on March 27, 2011. I will not be doing the full marathon but I will be doing the 15.2 mile walk. My husband’s grandfather did this march originally in the Phillipines twice and it is a moving and wonderful tribute to those who have fallen. My family and I went last year and watched while my sister and brother in law both did the marathon. It was so moving and touching and motivating that we (my husband, my daughter, and myself) will be doing the 15.2 mile march this year. Chris (David’s brother) will be doing the marathon again this year while wearing a 35 pound pack! What are you, crazy????? Honestly!

Training for this event is being lightly supervised by my trainer at Rough Fit, Greg. I am asking his advice and talking to him very regularly about it. I am paying him enough, after all! I am very excited to do this event. I was so moved last year while simply watching that I can’t imagine how emotional it will be to actually participate!. There were three soldiers at the event last year who participated in the original march in the Phillipines. They didn’t march or anything since they were like 95 years old and all, but their presence was very powerful. We hope they will attend again this year but it’s not guaranteed. I will take pictures while we are there and keep you updated on my progress of the weight loss challenge and my training regimen. Soldiers are always hot! Time to rest

As far as crafting goes, I am a serial crafter and have gone crazy with beading, weaving and spinning lately. It’s been a blast and I will post some pictures soon.

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